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You take your work as an AHJ, as a First Preventer, seriously. You constantly seek to upgrade your knowledge because the safety of people and property depend on your expertise.  Yet you sense (or know) that your knowledge about firestopping, and consequently your ability to effectively inspect it, are lacking. Manufacturer reps are available to talk about products and provide some information on proper installation, yet that does not address your need to know how to effectively inspect completed work in a way that meets the time constraints you work under.

VeriCon is focused on providing you with right knowledge about firestopping and passive fire protection systems and on how to inspect effectively and efficiently. We have trained thousands of AHJ’s, as well as GC’s, sub-contractors and architects. Because we work with AHJs nationwide, we know the constraints and pressures you face and how to help you get firestopping done right. 

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